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Roots Relaunch

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Starting August 22nd we will have two Wednesday night services with combined worship for our youth! Roots JV (7th - 9th Grades) and Roots Varsity (10th - 12th Grades)

6pm  -  Doors and outside areas open
6:30pm  -  Roots Varsity (10th - 12th Grades)
7pm - Combined Worship (ALL)
7:30pm - Roots JV (7th - 9th Grades)

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Back to School Prayer Walk

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The front door to each school will be open for families and friends to walk the halls and pray for our students, teachers, and school leaders for the upcoming school year.  Please feel free to anoint the doorways with oil, to pray over the playgrounds and the parking lots and all school property.  You may also want to walk around the administration building and the bus barn, though they will not be open.

We have been asked not to disturb any teachers who may be working in their rooms that day, unless they invite you to come in.

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Roots Internship Program

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     Summer is all about slacking, sleeping in and getting into trouble for stupid and trivial stunts. It’s a time for the beach, for staying over at friends’ houses and for catching up on movies you missed during the school year. This has been the theme of most, if not all, of your summers up until now. Roots Internship is about making your summer into something more, something you will forever remember as significant and even life changing. You will be challenged, encouraged, prodded and pushed outside of your comfort zones and into the realm of endless possibilities. You’ll learn more than you ever knew possible about the word of God and the true meaning of Christianity and you’ll put your hands to work making real life ministry happen for people. Roots Internship is not something to do to fill the boring hours of summer days it is a commitment to growth and change in your life personally and in the lives around you. There will be hard work and required reading; you will have to turn in “homework” and fight to understand and grasp new ideas and concepts. You will be required to teach others what you are learning and to actively engage in God-commanded, Christ following acts such as outreach and devotions. 

    In short, Roots Internship could very well wreck everything about your relaxing, mind numbing summer. So, as you hold this application in your hand, consider long and hard before turning it in. It is not a matter of whether God wants you to do it, He wants everyone to be closer to Him, but a matter of whether you’re ready to commit to it right now. Psalm 92:13 says that those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. Make this your summer to plant yourself firmly in the Word and in your church.

Pastor Brad Ross

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For your juniors, seniors and current college students, we are hosting Empowered: Financial Success Class to help them navigate paying for college and graduating debt-free. This free class will meet in the Fellowship Hall at FLC on Sunday, April 8th from 2 pm - 6 pm. Sign up by clicking here.

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